A5 / 28 Pages

Saddle Stitched

Digital printing

120gram Uncoated

With a risograph dust-jacket

Edition of 50

Published 2017





Grant Archer presents a series of photographs made in Iceland during a writing course. The mysterious Icelandic landscape provides the setting for an introspective visual investigation.

This is a project about Iceland.
This is a project about me.

It is about the solitude of the island, of the repetition of landscapes.
It is about the solitude of the photographer, of the repetition of frames.

It is the endless black roads and cold black beaches.
It is the endless search for light and time.

It is a series of fragments.
It is it's own inherent failure.

It is about my relationship with the camera.
It is the extracts and flashes of what was and never will be again.

It is about quiet.
It is about panic.

It is about managing and it is about surviving.



This project was created with the support
of the Gullkistan Center for Creativity.