210 × 297 millimeters

32 pages

Saddle stitched (Stapled)

Digital Printing

Screen printed slip case

Edition of 50

Published 2018




This must be the place is the first publication from a long term study of my home city. I'm a resident of the city, a part of the place I am trying to communicate, yet I retain a position of a tourist, an outsider looking in.

The photographs are the product of many hours of wandering. A simple solitary act, but one that enables me to study the local topography in detail and with a somewhat objective perspective, free from cliches and stereotypical local projections. This work started as a kind of record, individual documents. But with time has developed into more of a subjective autobiographical response. The work is not about one thing in particular, but more an attempt to make an authentic portrait of my native city.I hope it resonates with people locally, contributes to discussions about this city now, and with time be an important historical document of the way we are.