Mons Calpe

Grant Archer

This project was an attempt to explore and document the territory of Gibraltar in a way that looked beyond the usual geopolitical controversies that surround it and would instead offer a glimpse into the minutiae of life and environment on the peninsula.


At 6.8km2 and dominated by a rock face honeycombed with tunnels and caves the territory is a busy blend of old fortifications and military hardware, rapidly encroached on by the new money, the glass and steel of offices and apartments.


The debate of territory and ownership as a response might be impossible to get away from but non the less this has been an honest attempt to show life as it currently is in Gibraltar.


This book is about Gibraltar but it is also about the photographic process, each book represents a different approach to photographing this fascinating peninsula.

Two books
Book 1 32pp
Book 2 28pp
A5/148mm x 210mm
100% recycled card slip case
Digital Print
150gsm Uncoated
Saddle stitched (stapled)
Edition of 50


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