Out of Place is a platform developed to promote photography as a way of exploring and learning about places. We focus on publishing photobooks and we are committed to developing community and educational programs.

We are interested in exploring ideas about place; how we understand and experience our environments and how we define them. Photography lends itself to such a task because in one way or another you have to experience the thing you want to photograph, you have to be there. This is a key concept behind documentary style photography and is one of the reasons why we sometimes believe in photographs. This, coupled with the cameras knack for seemingly objective reproduction of even the most incidental details,  can give photographs a certain amount of authenticity.

We want to use photography as a way of learning about our environments and we see these elements of the photographic process as essential to achieving that. The camera offers an opportunity to explore and develop a physical dialogue with a place and the photographs can serve as record of that experience. We are not just interested in objective studies of places, we are interested in providing a platform for individual explorations and interpretations of place.

We believe that the best way to communicate these ideas about a place is through the photobook. The construction of the book helps refine and communicate ideas but it is also something permanent. Unlike exhibitions in galleries and museums it can be kept, shared exist in many places at once and be rediscovered in years to come.





We believe the best way to learn about a place is to explore it. In a technology driven world that is becoming increasingly virtual we think that direct experience with the environment around you is important. 

We focus on publishing photobooks and we are also committed to developing community and educational programs. We help develop practical skills in photography but also encourage creativity and new ways of seeing. We then help share these ideas in exhibitions but our primary focus is small publications. At out of place we have developed a model to help individuals and groups explore, interact, and learn about their environment. It is an opportunity for people to share their own observations about their own environment and raise awareness for issues important to them.

We believe the strength of the publication is that it is a physical object but not a unique one. Books can act like a dialogue from one place to another, a way of passing on ideas far and wide, but also they are a democratic form of art where there is not just one original and many people can have a copy. Unlike exhibitions, they last and can be rediscovered in years to come.

We also provide talks and lectures on photography and photobooks. The photobook is an incredibly important and active part of creative photography. In our talks we look at the photobook from a historical point of view, offering a slightly different approach to traditional histories of photography, but also we look at their cultural impact and how they fit into present day uses of photography including social media and digital platforms for photography.

Talks and lectures can be tailored to specific audiences and we draw upon a large personal collection of photobooks to present many of the ideas we discuss. 

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